What do you do?

We make and sell cakes, cupcakes, raw treats and fudge for every occasion, specialising in buttercream icing. We also sell decorating tools in our store for you to be able to recreate masterpieces. Please call us if you have any product inquiries.


Where are you? 

We’re behind Chartwell Shopping Centre, at 23 Lynden Court, Chartwell, Hamilton, New Zealand. Look for our iconic teal and pink colours, alongside CareVets and within sight of Burger King.


How Much Do Your Cakes And Cupcakes Cost?

It depends! Since most cakes are made to the client's requests, it all depends on the size, flavour, amount of buttercream, decoration/finish of your cake.  Please note all of our quotes are FREE with no obligation so you have nothing to lose by emailing or phoning us to inquire.

What Flavour Cakes Do You Make?

Flavours we offer are : Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Mud, Hokey Pokey, Carrot, Banana, Lemon, Lewis Whittaker, Lemon & Poppy Seed, Red Velvet, Neopolitan, & Marble (Chocolate & Vanilla).  We can also do Gluten Free in the following flavours: Vanilla, Lemon, Carrot, Chocolate, Lewis Whittaker.  We offer Dairy Free Chocolate and also Egg Free.


Do You Make Gluten Free Or Dairy Free Or Vegan?

Absolutely! We can make almost any flavour and many fillings, including using a separate mixer for gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free or vegan. Some contain soy, so please inquire. A couple of things to note: we can’t do ‘drip’ cakes without dairy and we can’t guarantee being totally nut-free due to having those products in our kitchen.


How Fresh Are Your Cakes And Cupcakes?

We pride ourselves on making our cakes and cupcakes fresh every day at 4-5am, and baking throughout day - we never sell day old cupcakes, and we donate all our end-of-day cupcakes to a non-profit charitable organisation each week, selected every Friday by our Facebook followers on our company page.
For early morning cake pick-ups, we prefer to make the cake the night before to allow the buttercream to set in the fridge overnight for safer travels.


How Much Notice Do You Need For Cakes & Cupcakes?

This is a toughy, as some weeks are busier than others. At least one week notice is best, preferably two, but we’ll work to accommodate our customers as best we can within shorter time frames. Following a quote, we always need confirmation to start an order and a 50% deposit.
If you’ve left it too late, we always have a range of fresh cabinet cakes. Call us to see what’s in stock.


Do You Make Fondant Cakes?

Yes we now offer fondant cakes as well as buttercream cakes.

Do You Deliver Cakes? Cupcakes? Fudge?

Yes we do! We do Hamilton deliveries Tuesday to Friday. As we use buttercream, we aim for same-day/next day delivery if possible, and unfortunately this excludes rural deliveries (RD). Most Hamilton deliveries are $10, but conditions apply so please enquire.Due to parking restraints, we are unable to deliver to Waikato Hospital and Waikato University.
As for our addictive fudge, we deliver throughout New Zealand – and even Australia! Contact us for shipping prices, as our Fudge is shipped through our sister site The Fudge Dealer. 


How will my Cake/Cupcakes be packaged?

All of our cake/cupcakes will come in a professional transportable box which we recommend placing on a flat surface in your vehicle, so either the boot or the footwell of your vehicle.